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Careers in Professional Services

Professional Services

Technical Account Manager

今すぐ応募する 採用情報 ID R1913197 掲載日 Oct. 15, 2019

As a Technical Account Manager (TAM), you will build and maintain relationship with VMware's customers that have real passion for technology and the opportunities that it can bring to our life. At those customers, you will be a major focal point for everything that is related to VMware for different teams and levels from the most technical to the most senior executive. You will escort and guide them in their journey to be market leaders by using newest and most advanced technologies in information technologies. You will also play a key part in representing your customers in VMware, sharing their experience and wishes with the account teams, support and product managers, and helping to draw the shape of our products and contribute your point of view for our shared success.


  • Be there for your customers. Help them to build their business for success and transform from customers to partners to the digital journey
  • Like to think out of the box? Use your skills to help your customers to take the technology to the limit and utilize all that our products can give them. Our customers love to see their investment being fulfilled and you will make sure that they do.
  • Help the customer to translate business requirements to technical solutions by building knowledge and understanding of the possibilities presented by different platforms.
  • Do you like connecting with people? Be the messenger that breaks down the corporate silos between different technical teams and business teams using simple language and personal skills.
  • When troubles come the TAMs rise! Not everything always goes smooth. At those points, you will take leadership on the situation and help everyone to get back on track.


  • Demonstrated record of field engagements
  • Basic vSphere Platform knowledge
  • Strong communication skills, presentation and interpersonal skills
  • Effective at working independently and in a virtual team setting
  • Ability to speak and write in English fluently

Desired Skills and Education

  • Seasoned IT Professional with full understanding of area of specialization
  • Is able to deploy basic assessment tools in customer environments; Qualifies the need, identifies the success criteria, and executes assisted demos
  • Can speak and engage with technical leaders; Confirms and clarifies information gained from listening to customers before transmitting / sharing.
  • Articulate the main elements of a business case; Able to perform solutioning under the guidance of the others
  • Relies on facts and past experiences to eliminate customer concern when negotiating; Reviews each stage of the negotiation to identify gaps and next steps to address any opportunities.
  • Has a high level understanding of various non-VMware technical skills demanded by our customers
  • VCP - VMware Certified Professional 5 or greater certification preferred - VMware Technical Knowledge





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