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Senior Member Technical Staff - VMware HCX

今すぐ応募する 採用情報 ID R1902321 掲載日 Feb. 23, 2019

VMware HCX enables customers to interconnect their various multi-version, multi-provider cloud instances, creating a mobility plane on which customers can seamlessly, and with a few clicks move application workloads across these clouds. This empowers customers to realize critical use cases of datacenter upgrade, extension, and rebalancing. VMware HCX provides high-performance, secure and optimized multisite interconnect technology and a robust scale out platform that allows multi-site mobility operations to be orchestrated in a distributed manner between sites in a secure manner.  HCX, thus, offers customers valuable end to end services like ongoing migration and disaster recovery.

This software development position is looking for a strong Senior MTS engineer to join the HCX software development team. The candidate must be a solid engineer with leadership, analytical and communication skills.  Prior experience in building distributed systems and software as a service is highly desired, and experience with networking and security domains is a plus. The candidate must also be familiar with full software development life-cycle from design through deployment.


  • Understanding key requirements for the data center virtualization, interconnecting such data centers and orchestration required to support mobility of workloads, architecting a solution in this space and delivering a working prototype and then a final product.
  • Contribute to the architecture, design, and implementation of a distributed platform and VM packaged applications. 
  • Review and test existing technologies and software components and make recommendations for use and integration.
  • Provide technical specifications, talks, and presentations for new designs and architectures.
  • Collaborate with other software development teams in VMware leveraging HCX to build interconnected distributed applications/services e.g. building a public blockchain service using HCX to interconnect blockchain servers across clouds.
  • Collaborate effectively with other staff to solve complex problems.
  • Assist with debugging and verification of defects in your own and others’ work.
  • Provide mentorship and lead strong development practices inside the team.


  • BS/MS in CS from reputable university or equivalent experience.
  • Deep technical depth and hands-on experience in data center technologies including virtualized compute, and knowledge of TCP/IP protocols.
  • Experience with building distributed, scalable software systems is highly desirable.
  • Exposure to multiple programming languages and frameworks is essential such as java, C++, kafka, mongo etc., as the ability to pick up and use language/framework that suits a body of work is expected.
  • Outstanding coding skills in one or more of those programming languages.
  • Experience with CICD environment is expected.
  • Hands-on experience with VMware products (vSphere, NSX) is highly desired.
  • Must be capable of researching alternatives and making architectural/design/business decisions independently.





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  • Engineering and Technology, パロアルト, カリフォルニア州, アメリカ合衆国削除