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Careers in Engineering and Technology

Engineering and Technology

Senior Manager - SRE

今すぐ応募する 採用情報 ID R1910128 掲載日 Aug. 13, 2019

The SRE Organization for VMware on AWS needs an experienced senior DevOps, cloud infrastructure engineering manager. You will be managing a team of senior SRE developers focused on delivering the services and tools that provide the data engineering, logging, and signal analysis for the quickly growing VMC services.You will collaborate and partner with multiple engineering teams across VMWare representing the SRE and driving new SRE services.

Your major responsibilities


  • You Contribute to Operational Strategy for VMware Cloud
  • You will help set the technical direction in collaboration with the Principal Engineers and senior management team. A focus on running the service optimally, and guiding the Cloud Delivery Model
  • You will champion engineering rigor in our Operation practices
  • Cultivate a culture of innovation and operational excellence throughout the organization
  • You will provide feedback to throttle the number of customers that can be successfully supported through the initial introduction of the public cloud.
  • You will be committed to customer success by driving consumption of cloud resources through the best possible experience (up-time, MTTR, minimal latency, optimized performance), and measuring it

Operating the platform, and building services to support it:

  • Drive/oversee the development and timely delivery of interrelated, highly-technical operation services that support our growing services,
  • Inspire engineering and operational leaders to take and handle risks, and provide leadership during the inevitable service interruptions. Help solve urgent technical problems and make final decisions with dispatch
  • Manage system stability for the IaaS platform by partnering with the SRE organization, and product teams who will handle additional support
  • Handle the non SRE or dev supported Infrastructure Services such as load balancers, network topology (including being able to highlight public Internet outages) DNS
  • Offer reliability services through active and regular back-up & restore of critical services that cannot be horizontally scaled yet

Ideal Qualifications

  • You have extensive operational and software development leadership experience centered on building large scale Cloud infrastructure solutions,
  • 7+ years in the public Cloud consumer or enterprise space, focusing on SaaS, PaaS, and/or ideally IaaS,
  • 5+ years leading large teams in multiple international locations,
  • Has current technical knowledge of leading Cloud ecosystems, and an inspiring track record of creative DevOps and tooling development leadership,





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