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Employees brainstorm by posting sticky notes to the window Employees brainstorm by posting sticky notes to the window Employees brainstorm by posting sticky notes to the window

積極性を持ち、驚きと刺激をもたらす人材を 求めています

Careers in Business Strategy and Operations

Business Strategy and Operations

Representative of the Security Agent

今すぐ応募する 採用情報 ID R1914323 掲載日 Oct. 31, 2019

As the "Permanent Representative of the Security Agent" (secret protection) you report to the Director Public Sector Germany.

This area of responsibility essentially includes all activities arising in this context, such as advising employees, coordinating the auditing processes, communicating with the responsible official bodies and reviewing and preparing files. This includes in detail:

- Creation of cover letters by means of forms

- Check the completed forms for completeness and forward them to the responsible official bodies.

- File management, registry, VS registry

- Correspondence with the users.

This is probably 90% of the role. The role might do some support within the Public Sector department on top.


- Absolute secrecy

- Readiness for a review according to SÜG (Security Review Act of the Federal Government)

- Thorough, careful and reliable working methods

- Good organizational skills

- Good perceptive faculty

- initiative and the ability to work creatively and conceptually

- Ability to work independently, goal-oriented and safely, even with increased workloads

- Good communication skills

- Customer-/ address-oriented behaviour up to the highest level (C-level, secretary of state etc.)

- Ability to act in a team-oriented manner, critical ability

- Good judgment

- Experience in or from public administration is an advantage






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  • Business Strategy and Operations, ミュンヘン, バイエルン州, ドイツ連邦共和国削除
  • BSCSC, ミュンヘン, バイエルン州, ドイツ連邦共和国削除