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Member of Technical Staff

今すぐ応募する 採用情報 ID R1912837 掲載日 Oct. 07, 2019

Member of Technical Staff

Traditional way to configure and manage NSX is via existing imperative API where one has to specify any required action / modification of the system to achieve the desired final state. In this scenario, the order of the modifications performed on the system is important.

Intent based management systems are based on policy model that focuses on the desired outcome by specifying the intent. NSX has introduced a new declarative Policy API to provide easier and more efficient way to push configurations to NSX. When using a declarative API,the desired configuration can be specified in one go, without worrying about how the system will realize it.

We are a team within Networking and Security BU that built this new Declarative API that completely changes  the way NSX is configured and managed.  We are now ready to build different abstractions over this platform to make it simple to define applications and deploy them in public or private clouds. We are looking for an engineer who is passionate to work on such new and disruptive ideas, further extend the scope of the existing platform and build newer abstractions over it that will make consumption of NSX much simpler.

As a Member of Technical Staff | Member of Technical Staff you will -

- Participate in the design, implementation, documentation of product initiatives and full product development life cycle

- Collaborate with project team members and cross functional product teams to execute product goals.

- Participate and contribute towards product / feature innovation

- Be a team player


- Formal degree in computer science or equivalent

- 6-8 years of experience in developing distributed, multi-tier enterprise applications, APIs

- Fully participate as a technical individual contributor in major product development cycles

- Solid background in design, OOP, object and data modeling

- Excellent working knowledge of Java, Spring, Relational Database, NoSQL databases

- Experience in design and implementation of service interface and public APIs

- Virtualization technologies, centralized networking, security management are all big plus

- Excellent in verbal and written communication skills.

We are bold, we are not afraid to question the status-quo. We promote innovation that disrupts industry. We embrace diversity and folks who think different. We dream big and we have the passion and drive to make those dreams a reality and have fun doing it!

VMware is an equal opportunity Employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.






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