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Careers in Marketing


Go to market leader for incubation project

今すぐ応募する 採用情報 ID R1910116 掲載日 Jul. 19, 2019

Job Opportunity in Emerging Technology for Enterprise Networking

VMware’s Office of the CTO (OCTO) seeks to hire a Go to market leader focused on identifying and engaging with future customers of a breakthrough, early-stage corporate WAN service.  This internally incubated product intends to define a new category in global network backbones by disrupting existing technologies like MPLS. As a team member of a startup-within-a-startup, you will need to be versatile and will have the opportunity to exercise your broad background spanning technology, account management, product management, and business development. Success criteria for the role are to identify and complete several customer POC engagements, and through that to refine our understanding of the opportunity and to seed an effective go-to-market strategy. As an early team member, you will be joining a project with significant growth potential.


You will be responsible for identifying and driving worthwhile initial field engagements. You will develop a pipeline of prospective customers, you will define and drive proof-of-concept engagements, you will help bring learning back to refine the product’s technical requirements and develop business opportunities. You will evaluate, refine and drive re-positioning to optimize the product market fit.

Required Skills

  • Knowledge and experience with corporate WAN technologies and markets (including SD-WAN)
  • Technical depth in networking technologies, sufficient to serve as the first line of engagement with corporate networking teams
  • Experience with early-stage technology development
  • Experience with customer engagement (as account manager, sales engineer, customer-facing product manager, or other relevant background)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, sufficient to evangelize and inspire customers to partner in early-stage technology explorations


  • Track record of engaging with customers on trials to refine emerging technology
  • Combination of technical and business or enterprise sales background

Education and background

  • Degree in a relevant discipline (MBA, MS CS, MS EE), or equivalent industry experience
  • At least 5 years experience in similar markets







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  • Marketing, パロアルト, カリフォルニア州, アメリカ合衆国削除